Explore the Primalista Opportunity & Make 2024 your year!


Workshop 1: Define Your Unique Business Golden Spot

Have you ever struggled to figure out what you really want when it comes to fulfilling meaningful work? 

I did too, until I figured how to monetise what I love to do, with what I'm good at and what the world needs.

Go ahead and watch it now and you'll define your very own golden spot.

This first workshop will be a game-changer for you - make sure you watch it today.

Most people SKIP this and end up going round in circles in fatigue inducing day jobs, feeling under appreciated and resentful.

Just don't do ANYTHING until you learn this about yourself.

Download the Session PDF here

Workshop 2: How To Get Your Kitchen Approved to Create A Home-Based Freedom Lifestyle Business

When I tell people that I teach how to have a home baking business, a lot of people say, but HOW do people manage that? Isn’t it difficult to get your home kitchen approved by council?

Well, YES, it is difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or have the right information to show the Health Officer.

Everyone thinks their council is the worst and that they won't pass and often go about the process the wrong way.

Check out this video, and you’ll learn how you can get your home kitchen approved without having to rehome your pets or turn your home into a factory! 

If you’ve ever wondered how to approach your council, then this is a MUST-WATCH.

Download the Session PDF here

Workshop 3: How To Make Sales, Have Happy Regular Customers & Still Be You

When I ask Potential Primalistas what they want from being a Primalista it's always the same: happy repeat customers.  

Because happy repeat customers means SALES and MONEY.

And let's be honest here, a business without sales is just a hobby.

Which is why you have to get sales!

But the great news is that you can make sales and still be you!  It's way easier to make sales when you are passionate about what you do.

If you love to bake, but the thought of sales makes you cringe - congratulations, you're normal!  But I'll show you how to in this workshop!

Download the Session PDF here

The Primalista Opportunity

Get the full details of this proven business model, Primal Alternative provides everything from trusted suppliers to marketing materials and collaborations with industry leaders like Quirky Cooking, Low Tox Life and Well Belly Health.

Joining the Primalista community means more than starting a business; it's becoming part of a supportive network with personalised tools and training in sales, marketing, and social media.

Worried about startup costs? H's six incredible bonuses, including a Baking Starter Kit and $0 joining fee before Feb 26, have you covered. Act now, secure limited-time offers, and embark on a journey to aligned purpose and freedom.

Your time is now—book your Primalista Discovery Call and let H guide you to a fulfilling and profitable bake-from-home business! 


Your Next Step...

The Primalista Licence is no run-of-the-mill 'click to cart' opportunity. Every Potential Primalista that joins the Primal Alternative Family undergoes a real conversation – a Primalista Discovery Call.

This isn't a sales call; it's about understanding what you're looking for and if this is a good fit. On our call, we're going to:

1. Zero in on Your Desires: What's driving you? What are you seeking? Let's get crystal clear on what you're after.

2. Create Your Primalista Business Plan: Let's map out how this model could work in your life. Your time, your potential customers, your earning goals – we'll strategise it all and see if it's a match.

3. Q&A, Clarity & Understanding: I'll walk you through the process, address any queries you might have, and guide you on the steps to join. 

As the Founder of Primal Alternative, I personally conduct each Discovery Call, drawing from my experience of interviewing over 1000 Potential Primalistas.

Spaces for these calls are limited and in high demand. To accommodate your schedule, I've opened up my calendar leading up to the Primalista Mentor Program launch on Feb 26.

This gives you ample time to explore these workshops, have a Discovery Call with me, and make an informed decision about joining our community.

Ready to take the next step? Book your Primalista Discovery Call now and let's see if this is for you.

Primalista Mentor Program DOORS CLOSE

Join the first Primalista Mentor Program for 2024 and kickstart your journey to being Open For Business, fully Equipped, and Making Sales in just 6 weeks! This comprehensive program includes a goal setting induction call, 3 x live coaching sessions, and six weeks of continuous WhatsApp chat support. With our expert guidance, you'll be well-prepared to establish a thriving home-based food business and turn your baking passion into a successful reality. Don't miss this chance to achieve your 2024 dreams in a short span of time!