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Primalista Licence

Imagine turning your love for real food into a thriving home-based business. With the Primalista Licence, you can do just that and more!

- Work from Home: Say goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind and work from your own kitchen on your schedule.

- Fulfilling Venture: Use your passion to help others, knowing that every delicious product you bake promotes health and wellness.

- Established Brand: The Primal Alternative brand is loved and respected by industry leaders, giving you credibility straight away.

- Ongoing Support: Join a collaborative and supportive community of like-minded bakers.

- Proven Success: The Primalista Licence is a proven business model with 300+ Primalistas since 2016.


R I S E  Business Course & Community

Love to have your own business but not sure how or what?

I'll help you figure out your ideal business, make amazing offers, help people with your work and get paid to do it!

In R I S E we'll lift your business vision, brand, message, ideal client, help you understand your numbers and explore ways to make it easier and more enjoyable!

This brand-new program is built on the vision of a supportive sistahood of solopreneurs like you, helping each other rise to new heights. 



Sick of feeling bloated, tired, and weighed down by aches and pains?  With Thrive, in just 21 days, you can create gentle nurturing primal lifestyle habits that will improve your wellbeing for years to come. 

Sarah L. shares, "I feel like a completely new person. I had been struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, and brain fog for months, but after following the program's recommendations, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."


7 Day Grain-Free Challenge

Want to go grain-free and gluten free but not sure how you'll survive without bread, cereal or snacks?

With this challenge you'll get a 7-day menu plan with grain-free recipes, a shopping list, and daily "swap this for that" suggestions.

By the end of the challenge you'll experience better digestion, more energy and you'll have found easy ways to live grain-free without missing out on your favourite foods.


Consult with H

Fancy a cuppa and a chat? 

Book in with me if you want a consultation.  I can support you with:  health, wellness, family, lifestyle or business.