Interview with Nutritionist, Karen Martel

health coaching Mar 18, 2021

I've got this friend in Canada and she is freaking awesome!

Her name is Karen Martel and she totally gets it when it comes to women and hormones, weight loss and menopause.

We have interviewed each other a few times for each of our podcasts. Karen LOVES what Primal Alternative is doing in creating convenient real food AND creating business opportunities for health conscious entrepreneurs.

So she interviewed me and shared with her amazing community!

She asks me:

  • about my health crisis
  • what were my symptoms?
  • why did I start Primal Alternative?
  • what is a Primalista?
  • how can Primalistas create a business around their priorities?
  • why do I ‘vet’ incoming Primalistas – instead of just letting them ‘add to cart’
  • why nailing the ‘biz side’ is key to success (marketing, mindset etc)
  • why the Primalista Licence takes away the ‘years of figuring it out’
  • what you get with the Licence
  • how to jump on the moving Primal Alternative train!

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