Meet the Primalistas

Primalista Panel

Thinking about becoming a Primal Alternative Producer AKA Primalista? Want to hear from someone who was once in your shoes and took the leap?

Good idea - it's great to research and hear from real life Primalistas.

Which is why I hosted this Primalista Panel back in August 2023 and you can watch it now. I ask the Primalistas the most common questions Potential Primalistas have.

Join me Primal Alternative Founder, Primalista Micky NSW, Primalista Pip, TAS, Primalista Melissa NSW, Primalista Neroli WA.


Baking Demo with Manda

Primalista Manda makes a batch of Fat & Seedy Bread (AKA Low Carb Loaf) with a bowl and spoon!

Does it look easy? Do you think you could do this?


Primalista Panel

Get to know Primalista Rosie, Primalista Manda and Primalista Ash as we run through your questions.

Questions include:

  • Is my kitchen too small?
  • Is my oven big enough?
  • Do I have to change people's thinking?
  • What if I am a failure?
  • Do I need a seperate bank account?
  • How did your biz go during covid?
  • Have you had any supply chain issues?
  • Have ingredients prices gone up? Is there the same demand?
  • What happens if another Primalista opens in your area?
  • I'm not a pushy person & lack confidence, can I still do this?
  • How are website referrals managed?
  • How does the online shop work?
  • Is it really collaborative or is it competitive?
  • Can I make and sell things alongside Primal Alternative?
  • Do I need a Thermomix?
  • Can I do this in a commercial kitchen?

Meet the Primalistas

Meet Primalistas Rosie WA, Ash QLD and Gita NSW to find out:

  • Why they joined Primal Alternative
  • Is there really a 'sisterhood' - or will I be by myself?
  • How many stockists do they have
  • How much do they bake and how many days a week
  • Can this be done around kids and school hours?
  • Can this be done around full time work?
  • Can you find balance with this?
  • Is being a Primalista offer flexibility?
  • Do you get referred customers from the Primal Alternative website?
  • Is there room for more Primalistas?
  • What do you do if you want a week off?
  • How you can combine your house work & baking in one and be HOME!
  • Do I need to be good at accounting??
  • Which is the most popular product?
  • Why didn't you just do this yourself from scratch?
  • Primalistas top tips and message to YOU if you are on the fence

Kickstart a Fun, Thriving Bake from Home Business

Meet Primalistas: Jim, Amie & Tanniell

Find out:

  • Why Jim quit his martial arts school during lockdown to become our first bloke Primalista
  • How Tanniell feels about quitting her day job in retail to focus on Primal Alternative
  • Why Amie, a professional baker added to her business with the Primalista Licence

Primalista Survey

Primalista Survey Results are in!

A whopping 65% of our Primalistas completed this short survey.

I asked them questions about the market, their investment, their personality, making a sale, getting council approval
I feel utterly blown away and humbled by these amazing results! I am truly honoured to co create the Primal Alternative business with these incredible human beings!


Getting Started

How easy is it to get started as a Primalista? Meet some of our Primalistas across Australia and listen to their stories of how they got started.

We cover:

  • Council registration - is it hard, does it take long?
  • How long does it take to get up and selling?
  • Is it hard putting yourself 'out there' with stockists?
  • Is there much support?

Becoming a Primalista During the Pandemic

Over 25 inspirational women have become Primal Alternative producers since Coronavirus rocked the world.

Meet some of the Primalistas who started their Primal Alternative business during coronavirus and find out what it's been like for them.


Primal Alternative Mini Documentary

Meet H the Founder of the grain free food company Primal Alternative.

Find out why the business started and why H is passionate to help people on their health journey with her life changing products.

Learn how the products transform the lives of customers by providing honest real food convenience without compromise.

Learn how H then went on to share her successful business model with other women health enthusiasts who love to bake.


Neroli at the Farmer's Market


The next step is to book a Primalista Discovery Call to see how this opportunity could look in your life