Why bother going grain free?

health coaching Mar 11, 2021

Primalista Wendy explains all in this great post.


🌱Reduced carbohydrate – a grain-free diet helps achieve stable blood sugars and reduced insulin requirements

🌱Reduced gastrointestinal symptoms – a grain-free diet (which is automatically gluten-free) is a nutritious way for those who are intolerant to gluten (for example Coeliacs). But whether you are a Coeliac or not, removing gluten from your diet may help with reduced symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea, excess gas, headaches, itchy skin, eczema and stomach pain.

🌱Helps weight loss – not only does a grain-free diet reduce your carbohydrates, and give stable blood sugars, it helps reduce the intake of processed junk food such as pasta, bread, cakes and cookies. Living grain-free helps with appetite control and weight loss, in addition to all the amazing health benefits that low-carb and keto diet brings.

🌱Reduced inflammation – by eliminating grains, sugar, refined carbohydrates and seed oils, we are setting the foundation for reducing inflammation in our body and our risk of all the major diseases associated with old age. Alzheimer’s, T2 diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, stroke.

🌱Increased nutrition – when we remove grains from our diet, we no longer have meals bulked out with cheap pasta, bread or rice. Instead, we enjoy a variety of quality proteins, non-starchy vegetables, full-fat dairy, nuts, seeds and low-sugar berries. There is absolutely no deprivation in living a grain-free lifestyle.

There is NO reason to deprive yourself of your FAVE foods!!!!

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