Is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle stressing you out? Here's why you're not alone.

health coaching Jun 05, 2023
Mother and daughter expressing stress while juggling healthy lifestyle choices."


In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can feel like an uphill battle. The Australian Psychological Society (APS) found that 40 percent of Australians are stressed about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with 14 percent of them reporting this as a big stress out. It's no wonder that juggling the demands of work, family, and personal life can make it challenging to prioritise our well-being. This struggle was the very reason why Primal Alternative came into existence. As a health coach, I witnessed firsthand how my clients struggled to balance their health goals amidst their busy schedules. And here's the irony: stress negatively impacts our health, creating a vicious cycle. That's why I decided to offer a solution by baking healthy Primal Alternatives to the foods they love. Let's delve deeper into how Primal Alternative can make your life easier and help reduce stress.

The Hurdles of Staying Healthy:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves meticulous planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking - and that's just the food part!  For those of us with jam-packed schedules, these tasks can feel overwhelming. It's no wonder that we often find ourselves resorting to quick, convenient, and often unhealthy food options. But deep down, we know that this compromise isn't ideal for our well-being. We strive to make positive changes, yet the demands of everyday life make it challenging to stick to our health goals.

The Birth of Primal Alternative:

Primal Alternative was born out of the realisation that there had to be a better way to align our love for delicious food with our commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As a health coach, I empathised with my clients' struggles and recognised that stress only served as an obstacle to their well-being. Hence, the concept of Primal Alternative took shape. By crafting healthy versions of the foods we all love, we aimed to simplify the process of maintaining a real food clean diet and reduce the stress associated with it.

A Vicious Circle:

Stress can have a detrimental impact on our overall health and well-being. From elevated cortisol levels to disrupted sleep patterns, stress takes a toll on our physical and mental health. The irony is that trying to lead a healthy lifestyle can sometimes become a significant stressor itself. This paradoxical relationship between stress and health prompted us to create a solution that helps break the cycle.

Primal Alternative: Your Stress-Free Solution

Fast forward nine years, and Primal Alternative has flourished, with passionate bakers (Primalistas) across the country. We offer a range of delicious grain-free (so naturally gluten free) options, including loaves, wraps, pizza, cookies, granola, and more. What sets our products apart is the food is home made with love by a local Primalista. We believe in the power of nourishing our bodies with nature's best offerings, free from additives and preservatives. At different stages on your health journey you may need to find an egg free, low carb, GAPS friendly or plant based alternative - and Primal Alternative has all those bases covered. Primal Alternative provides a truly healthy alternative to processed foods that often sabotage our health goals.

The Demand is High, and We Need Your Help:

We're thrilled to witness the incredible response Primal Alternative has received. Our Primalistas strive to meet the growing demand for our products, but we can't keep up. Every day, we receive emails from eager customers who share their disappointment in not having a Primalista baker nearby. Find your local Primalista here. That's why we're on the lookout for more passionate individuals who would love to embark on their own side hustle from the comfort of their kitchen. If you're someone who appreciates healthy food and dreams of making a positive impact while earning an income, this opportunity is perfect for you.


Stress should never hinder our journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Primal Alternative understands the challenges we face and offers a solution that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods guilt-free. By eliminating the stress associated with planning, shopping, and cooking, we pave the way for a happier, healthier life. Join our growing community of Primalista bakers and embark on your own Primal Alternative journey today.

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Remember, you deserve a stress-free path to a healthier you. Let Primal Alternative be your helping hand on this transformative journey.

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