Recipe: Chocolate Tart

recipes Apr 12, 2022
Recipe: Chocolate Tart

👉🏼Only 3 Ingredients
👉🏼No bake
👉🏼30 mins to set

✔️Grain free therefore gluten free
✔️Low Sugar
✔️Decadent & delicious
✔️Dinner party worthy!

16 serves at 7g carbs
8 serves at 14g carbs

If you want a chocolate fix this Easter (or anytime of the year!) but don’t want to compromise on the quality of ingredients then save this recipe!

It’s one of those recipes you can whip up and have half an hour later – super easy and faff free!

Here’s how:



  1. Line a cake tin with baking paper and grease the edges with coconut oil.
  2. Snap the biscuits up and blend until you get a crumb, or go old school and bash them in a bag with a rolling pin! The biscuit base should clump together when squeezed – if not, try adding a tablespoon of refined coconut oil and combining.
  3. Push the biscuit base into the prepared tin evenly.
  4. Snap the dark chocolate into your Thermomix and chop speed 10 for 5 seconds. Add the coconut cream and cook speed 2, 60 degrees for 3 mins. Or gently melt the dark chocolate in a bowl above a pan of simmering water, then add in coconut cream.
  5. Pour the chocolate topping over the biscuit base and pop in the fridge for 30 mins until set.


Credit to Primalista Pip for this simple delicious recipe – watch the video of this recipe in action here.

Are you gonna try it?

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