Helen on Quirky Cooking Chats

health coaching Sep 12, 2022

Welcome to Episode 24 of Quirky Cooking Chats (Season 2), with Jo Whitton: “Building a Business with Heart”.

Jo and H have been ‘business besties’ for years and love to chat about all things business, food, health, working from home, family, gardening and life in general, and in this episode they let us in on one of their chats.

Listen in as Jo and H talk about:

  • H’s story of transitioning to a healthier work-life balance
  • Time management when working from home
  • An important lesson H learnt through her work (which everyone needs to know!)
  • Her favourite productivity hack
  • Three podcasts she loves on the subjects of business, health and life

There’s lots more info and fun topics covered in this podcast – if you have an interest in home-based businesses and doing what you love, listen in!

>> Click here to listen to the episode

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