Episode 104: Filly Bellette - Uncovering the Missing Piece for Optimal Health with Filly from Ending Body Burnout

podcast Sep 14, 2023

Join us in this thought-provoking episode of the Primal Alternative Podcast, where we explore the often-overlooked connection between physical health and personal growth. Host H engages in a captivating conversation with Filly from "Ending Body Burnout," a special guest who brings a groundbreaking perspective to the table. Prepare to be intrigued as we journey into the uncharted territory where past traumas, deep-seated beliefs, and health intersect.

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of functional medicine and personal development with Filly, who has a unique approach to achieving optimal health. The discussion kicks off with Filly sharing her personal journey into the health industry and her inspiration for specialising in "Ending Body Burnout."

The heart of our conversation revolves around Filly's compelling book, which serves as a guide to understanding the profound connections between mind, body, and environment. We delve into the principles that form the foundation of the book – "Body Systems," "Heal Thy Mind," "Heal Thy Body," and "Heal Thy Environment." These principles hold the key to unlocking true well-being, and Filly explains why she chose them as the cornerstones of her work.

But that's not all – the book weaves together the stories of three typical case studies with women: Rose, Hazel, and Isla. These narratives provide real-life examples of how the principles come to life and impact one's health journey. Filly shares these stories and how they add depth and relatability to her teachings.  

From the creation process to publishing and marketing, Filly offers insights into the making of her book, giving aspiring authors a peek into the journey of bringing their own visions to life. As a devoted mother, wife, and successful business owner, Filly also imparts practical tips on balancing multiple roles while making self-care a priority.

Whether you've been on a quest for optimal health or you're simply curious about the intersections of personal growth and physical well-being, this episode promises to be eye-opening and enlightening. Tune in as Hand Filly unravel the missing piece of the health puzzle and inspire you to embark on a journey of holistic wellness.

Don't miss out on this transformative conversation that might just change the way you perceive your health journey. Tune in now and discover the hidden connections that could be shaping your well-being.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Filly's journey into the health industry and functional medicine
  • Exploring the principles of "Ending Body Burnout"
  • The power of addressing past traumas and limiting beliefs
  • Diving into Filly's book and the stories of Rose, Hazel, and Isla
  • Insights into the creation of Filly's book and its unique perspective
  • Balancing motherhood, business, and health – practical tips from Filly
  • Uncovering the main goals of the book and inspiration for aspiring authors


Find Filly here:

[email protected]

Grab your copy of Filly’s Ending Body Burnout book here - https://www.chrisandfilly.fm/book

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