AI for Content Creation: Are Robots Taking Over the World?

business Apr 17, 2023
Chat GPT: AI-powered content creation tool that can transform your ideas into reality.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that has been creating a lot of buzz recently. While some people may have reservations about it - are the robots going to take over the world, the truth is that we are on the early uptake bell curve of AI, and it is here to stay. As someone who has spent the last decade creating content, I've found that AI can be a game-changer for content creation.

Chat GPT is a great example of how AI can be used for content creation. It is a large language model that can understand and respond to human language with a high degree of accuracy. I was introduced to Chat GPT by Tina Tower, an inspiring and educational entrepreneur. 

One of the ways I have been using Chat GPT is to help me with my writing. As a creative, I have a million ideas in my head, but I often feel overwhelmed with all these great ideas that I want to action, but there simply isn't enough time in the day. This is where AI can be a real game-changer. While I have no problem articulating my thoughts, I often struggle to get them down on paper fast enough. So, I dictate my thoughts into my phone and then cut and paste the garbled brain dump into Chat GPT and ask it to put it in a better format.

From dictated brain dump to comprehensive format, you can then ask Chat GPT to create social media posts, blogs, PDFs ebooks, slide shows, courses, videos, or even a podcast.


What's even cooler is that you can train Chat GPT to recognise your brand voice. You can easily do this by dictating something in your normal conversational way and asking Chat GPT to create a brand voice for you. After that, any time you want to write something, you just ask Chat GPT to write in your brand voice.

In essence, AI allows you to give your ideas a voice and bring them to life more quickly and efficiently. Creators now become editors of the AI that has manifested their ideas into reality, and this is truly exciting.

Initially, my husband criticised AI, claiming it was a form of cheating. However, as a content creator for Primal Alternative, I've spent the past decade exploring and developing content. In comparison to search engines, which typically redirect you to a website or page to conduct your own research, GPT is incredibly comprehensive, pulling together all the information you need and presenting it in a clear format.  It's not cheating, it's working smart.

Fancy giving it a try it for yourself?

Here are some ways in which me and my business friends have used AI:

  1. Dictating brain dumps onto the Notes app on my phone then asking Chat GPT to transform that into a blog, eBook, webinar, email, social post, Facebook advert - you name it, the options are limitless
  2. Repurposing the brain dump to leverage and repurpose the content to save coming up with more ideas
  3. One of my friends who is a social media superstar with tons of followers often spends a lot of her day replying to comments and DMs. With chat GPT, she can get the answers and research she needs to provide concise replies to her followers in a more efficient and less stressful way.
  4. Another friend of mine, who is an amazing creator in the beauty space, runs an e-commerce store and a retail shop. As a busy Mum of two, she has very little time to write emails and social media posts. She found that chat GPT helps her to repurpose previous blog posts and emails and email her audience with ease, generating more sales and reducing the need for ad spend in the process!

3 ways for you to try Chat GPT for yourself:

  1. Create an account for free by visiting
  2. Add something you have written before and ask Chat GPT to create a brand voice for you
  3. Ask Chat GPT for 10 ideas for social media posts on your given topic, always use good manners when you speak to the robot - I've found it helps!  Such as Hello Chat GPT please give me 10 ideas for social media posts about home based baking businesses with Primal Alternative as a Primalista.

Here are the results...


Pretty impressive huh? In conclusion, I highly recommend that you give Chat GPT a whirl. It's free to use, incredibly accurate, and has the potential to transform the way you work. Don't fear the future, embrace it with the help of AI technology, the robots aren't going to take over the world, just increase human's ability to share their magic with the world. Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this information useful. Love, H xx


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