Primalista Registration

When you become a Primalista you will be empowered to hit the ground running with a walk in business model. You will become part of our National Brand of Local Producers in one of the most trail blazing business ideas in Australia. As a Primalista you will be part of a collaborative sisterhood network for support, advice and to celebrate success! You will also have:

  • Financial Freedom – on average $45 per hour profit to Primalistas
  • Location freedom – no need to choose between family or finances
  • Time freedom -you choose how much & how long – no minimal standards to hit
  • Freedom of who you work with – you get to choose who you supply PLUS no more annoying work colleagues or boss!
  • Freedom of purpose – finally! A business that aligns with your passion AND fits around your lifestyle

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Inspiring feedback from our Licencees.

I’d really like to say thanks for this incredible opportunity Helen, I am so grateful for the flexibility and freedom this offers my family situation. Allowing me to home-school my daughter while earning an income is the balance I have been looking for.

Collette - Primalista, WA

I’m so excited this adventure is exactly with fits in with my life! Loving the opportunity.

Leaha - Primalista WA

I am producing Primal Alternative to make it easier for my community to enjoy grain free, locally produced food. I want to help people on a Paleo or restricted diet to stay on track on their health journey and I want to help busy mums like me to feed their families real food. Primal Alternative gives me the chance to run my own business from home, doing something that I love and serving my community. This opportunity gives me everything I want right now.

Kyra Miles - Primalista ACT

In such a short amount of time of going primal I have felt a huge difference to my life. Doing the last 21 Day Challenge, I was not in a good place mentally or physically. I have so far to go but I know that this just feels right. Becoming a Primalista will only help me continue on the primal path. I am so excited - and a little bit scared - to be able to share something that I make with my community - knowing that this will make a huge change in people's lives. It just makes so much sense to do something that aligns with what you believe and to still care for my family, work from home and contribute to the family's just awesome!

Marisha Stone - Primalista WA

I want to be a Primalista because even though I am working full time, I have a passion for this way of living. Producing Primal Alternative will help me get the primal word out and help people who are not feeling as best as they could be, to feel better. I love the sisterhood of the Primalistas - gorgeous girls, what a team!

Charmaine Willing - Primalista WA

Payment Options

All Upfront
$ 5,000

Join the Primalistas now!
One time cost of $5,000 to become a Primalista plus an annual fee of $520 per year with the first year free.

$1,000 up front
$ 4,000
over 48 weeks

Join the Primalistas now!
Pay $1,000 now and the remainder over a 48 week period plus an annual fee of $520 in advance.