Becoming a Primalista

How does it work? Take a sneak peak.

The Primal Alternative range is simple to make! No artisan baking skills required! Simply MEASURE, MIX & BAKE.


Primalista – noun – a name devised by Primal Alternative Founder Helen Marshall for a Primal Alternative Producer. Primalistas create a national brand of local producers bringing Primal Alternatives to the foods we love, to our communities. Primalistas are licenced to produce the Primal Alternative range by purchasing a Primalista Licence. The Primalista Licence is basically an online training course in how to be a successful Primalista. Primalistas are generally Mums, with a passion for Paleo/Primal, who love creating with their Thermomix and earn money by doing this. Primalistas get access to a successful and replicable business model making the Primalista Licence not only a good business opportunity but it is easy and quick to get started and making money.

What do you get with Primal Alternative License?

You get a successful business model ready to roll. As well as the trade secret recipes you’ll gain access to a Licensees only website with how to videos, Food Standards Australia & NZ compliant labels including authentic bar codes, graphic designed logo and marketing material, access to the support forum for Licensees AKA Primalistas, supplier, packaging & equipment info, Ingredients Calculator, advice on how to market your business, pricing including wholesale to retail and RRP – all Primalistas charge the same – we are a sisterhood! You also get my commitment to develop the Primal Alternative brand awareness and access to this fantastic website resource plus your own primal alternative email address – oh and a personalised Primal Alternative apron and spatula – you’re welcome!

What you'll need

You will need a Food Business Registration/Notification or Domestic Kitchen Licence (name depends on State) and product and public liability insurance and a Primal Alternative Licence.

Is this right for you?

You’ll need a passion for Primal, a love for baking and the strength and drive to bake your produce and develop your customer base. This is the opportunity for you if you are feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t align with your passion, or makes you miss out on time with the kids. You’ll have an oven and a Thermomix or other food mixing option such as…a bowl and a spoon! You will want to work from home, be an integral member of your community (dare we say minor celeb) and part of the nationwide sisterhood of Licensees AKA Primalistas.

Your community needs you

The Paleo Primal movement has great momentum, this isn’t a fad – it’s about getting back to the food we evolved and thrive on as a species. Low fat + healthy whole grain + eat less + move more? Now that’s an outdated fad! The world is embracing grain, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free foods and needs you to bring it to them. Pizza nights, hot buttered toast, a cuppa and a cookie make life more sustainable on a Primal journey. Primal Alternative products help people from ‘falling off the wagon’.

Inspiring feedback from our Licencees.

I’d really like to say thanks for this incredible opportunity Helen, I am so grateful for the flexibility and freedom this offers my family situation. Allowing me to home-school my daughter while earning an income is the balance I have been looking for.

Collette, Licensee WA

I’m so excited this adventure is exactly with fits in with my life! Loving the opportunity.

Leaha, Licensee WA

Finally – no need to choose between family & finances