Jaffa Fudge Cake

This faff free zesty cake will be a crowd pleaser at your next celebration.

Autumn Soup

A seasonal soup to use up all those bits of autumnal veggies you've got!

Savoury Paleo Muffins

These scrumptious savoury muffins are nutrient dense made with good fats from coconut oil, eggs and almond meal and are jam packed with yummy veggies.

Rosie's Mean Green Quiche

I love a quiche as you know if you have tried my Primal Quiche Recipe. This quiche is a bit different as the pastry crust is a lovely blend of seeds as well as almond meal.

Fish Cakes - totally kid friendly!

I aim for four serves of fish a week but sometimes run out of easy quick recipes that everyone is going to like!

What is a Primal Health Coach

I am writing to you today to answer a few questions around Health Coaching...for starters what even IS it?