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21 Day Challenge

Are you feeling any of the following:


- physically depleted

- mentally scattered

- emotionally fragile

- spritually void


Then you got to check out my 21 Day Challenge!


Accept that there is always going to be "lots going on".


Build your resilience to handle life with grace and ease.


Learn new lifestyle rituals that help you keep your shiz together!


Do it with a group of like minded women in a safe supportive place that inspires you and gives you that accountability that you've been looking for.


Do it with a qualified Primal Health Coach who transformed her health crisis with these hacks.


Trust in the process knowing hundreds have gone before you and achieved amazing transformation.


This is a 21 Day Challenge with daily inspiration on FOOD, MOVEMENT, MINDSET & LIFESTYLE. This challenge goes against the grain, with anti conventional wisdom life changing tips.  


What could a pain free, clear minded fully charged version of YOU accomplish?   What else is possible?


"I'm now more positive and hopeful for the future, emotionally more stable and I don't feel sick."   Marisha WA


"Epic programme.   I did the last round and it changed my life." Gail OKeeffe QLD


"I was feeling tired, bloated and not much it has changed!   I'm awake for the first time in so long, no bloating and I'm funny as all hell again, thanks challenge and thank you heaps Helen!" Jo Lane WA


"Before the challenge I was feeling physically depleted, mentally scattered, emotionally fragile and spiritually void.

I haven't had that groggy foggy hopelessness since the challenge began.   Even on some really tired days I have felt calmer, clearer, more positive, more together."   Kyra, ACT  


Want to leap forward with some of what these ladies are experiencing?  


Enjoy the doable $40 cost to join!



This is for you if:

  • you got a bit off track food wise and would like added motivation and inspiration to get back on track.
  • you'd like to eliminate something for 21 days to see how you feel (e.g., gluten, grains, dairy, sugary drinks etc.)
  • you've nailed the food but want to tweak your sleep, stress, play, social connection & time in nature.
  • you'd like to focus on your mindset and address the things that keep making you 'fall of the wagon'.
  • you're looking at incorporating some easy quick and doable exercise.
  • you'd like to weave meditation, intermittent fasting, intention setting, self-love and down time into your routine.
  • you're looking for the support, accountability, connection, and fun that a group challenge brings.
  • you like the freedom of doing this at your pace from home at a doable price.



“At the start of the challenge I felt tired, emotional, achy feet, headachy, stiff neck and disconnected.  Now I feel relaxed and much more in tune with myself, no achy feet or headaches or stiffness.  I generally feel much more even keeled and positive.  I’ve even lost a few kgs.”


What happens in the challenge:

  • You’ll set goals and create affirmations
  • You’ll get daily motivation around FOOD, MOVEMENT, MINDSET & LIFESTYLE from me
  • You will be part of a 21 Day Challenge Facebook Community for support, advice and celebrating success.
  • You get to hang out with me at the weekly LIVE Q&A
  • This all takes place in the Facebook group and with emails – no log in and passwords to remember.

“I am feeling fantastic! Helen has introduced balance, tools for calming and a gentle rhythm to my day that was missing. I have noticed a huge difference in energy and nurturing myself and others in daily routine. Thanks is really not enough:)”



Going Primal is about:

  • Getting back to the foods we thrive on a species  
  • Moving our bodies the way our genes expect, in minimal time  
  • Honouring sleep, nature & sunshine  
  • Making play and connection a priority  
  • Slowing life down and getting handle on stress
  • Building resilience to glide through life with ease and grace
  • Feeling like “what else is possible”!

These challenges have been a stonking success with most of the challengers signing up for the next round.

I would L O V E to have you in the next round!  Starts Monday 7th August 2017.

Thanks for being here, H xx



Helen Marshall Primal Health Coach
Primal Health Coach Certified